The Whole Dam Tour

The Whole Dam Tour
USD $270.00
  • Duration: 7 Hours (approx.)
  • Location: Boulder city, Nevada
  • 2 people minimum. 
  • Selected date is subject to availability. 
  • Payment is not required until availability is confirmed.

The experience begins with a descent down the original road carved into the canyon walls used to access this massive project of the 1930s. Kayak from the base of the Hoover Dam down the Colorado River, and through the Black Canyon. 

Visit the Sauna Cave a diversion tunnel that ended in a water spring and soak pools from geothermal hot springs along the canyon walls. Along the way we get to view waterfalls, wildlife, the emerald green waters, and the dramatic landscape, all while hiking up the Arizona and Nevada shorelines and plunging in the refreshing Colorado River.

Permits are acquired on a first-come, first-served basis and are included in the price of your tour and sell out quickly because the National Park Service limits the amount of paddle craft that are launched from the base of the Hoover Dam. Confirmation will be based on permit availability. 

EVERYONE MUST BRING PHOTOGRAPHIC IDENTIFICATION, as the security personnel managing the Hoover Dam launch site will deny access if identification is not available. 

This is a very time-sensitive tour, the security that escorts us will not wait for anyone arriving past the scheduled morning check in time. PLEASE ARRIVE 40 minutes prior to your scheduled launch time.

By booking a tour, you assume all risks of your participation in this activity, whether known or unknown to you or any events incidental to this activity. You also agree to the release of images/video for Kayak Lake Mead to use at their discretion.

The inventory on our website is live and updated automatically as soon as someone makes a reservation. Please ensure you understand our change and cancellation policies.